Quartz Worktops in London

Quartz worktops really are the perfect way to add a touch of sleek, contemporary and modern style to any kitchen. Quartz is made up of crushed quartz, pigments and polymers which have several benefits in a kitchen environment.

Quartz worktops are highly durable and are virtually heat and stain resistant. They require very little maintenance and don’t require polishing and resealing like granite or marble. Quartz worktops are so well designed that many brands provide natural looking colours which have the long wearing qualities of quartz which is perfect for the kitchen.

Quartz is a material which is highly chip, scratch, crack, heat, moisture, and stain resistant, these materials are also non-porous, making them very hygienic and remarkably easy to clean and maintain.

As quartz is an engineered stone it is available in a large variety of colours, textures and finishes, unlike natural stone. This is very beneficial as the diverse range of colours means that any style can be achieved in your new contemporary or traditional style of kitchen.

Durability and strength entwined with timeless elegance and almost zero maintenance requirements make a quartz worktop the perfect investment to add lasting value to any home. Marble and Quartz offer these products, as well as Silestone, Compac and Cambria worktops and a selection of similar, equally high-quality products at very competitive prices.

Marble and Quartz install in areas within London, Hertfordshire and Kent; Surrey, Essex and Berkshire.

We provide expert advice on both domestic and commercial projects; a selection of a variety of edge profiles to choose from; free online quotes and, of course, expert fitting of worktops by a team of highly skilled, experienced fitters.

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