Sparkle with your kitchen worktops

There are many sparkly worktops on the market. There is something quite magical and eye-catching about sparkly objects and that’s why it is an increasingly popular colour for kitchen worktops.

The most popular choice is the mirror sparkle quartz. Slight flecks of mirror are embedded into the quartz which shimmers beautifully when they reflect sunlight or lights in the home. Silestone Negro Stellar and Blanco Stellar are very popular choices and are frequently installed for our clients here at Marble and Quartz.

If you want a glittery shimmer and a lot more bling then Glitter Branco by CQ Stone might be what you looking for. This stone has bits of glitter and mirror embedded into the stone.

The recent trend we have seen over the past couple of years is a subtle sparkle which suits customer who wants  a little understated shimmer in their kitchen worktops. Ice Branco is a popular choice and also available in black and grey.

At Marble and Quartz, you will be spoilt for choice as we have a wide variety of sparkly choices from bling to subtle and can send out some free samples so that you can take some time over making the choice that perfect for you. Our dedicated team and fitters are ready for a sparkly install!

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