Marble countertops- Supply and Installation in London and Surrey

White marble is a timeless and opulent choice for kitchen worktops and bathrooms. For years it has been the leading colour choice for many kitchens.

Marble is distinct due to its veining which can range from soft and subtle to very distinct and bold. The beauty of marble is that as it is a natural stone no two slabs will ever be the same.

White marble has many benefits which make it a popular choice as a kitchen worktop. Here are some of its unique qualities:


No two marble slabs will ever be identical which means your stone is unique and you really are getting a natural, one of a kind worktop.


Marble is able to absorb temperature quickly which is why many pastry chefs love using marble as it keeps the dough from sticking without the excessive use of flour.


Marble is relatively easy to clean with some warm water and liquid. It is important to seal marble every 4 to 6 months as this will ensure the marble is non-porous. Regular sealing will prevent stains and make it easier to clean when spillages occur.


Marble is a great choice not only for indoors but also outdoors. Marble is often found in lavish hotels, banks, restaurants, and grand buildings due to its natural beauty.

At Marble and Quartz, we have experienced fitters who can template, supply and install your new stone worktops in 5-7 days. Make an appointment to visit our Sunbury showroom where you will be able to discuss your worktop, bathroom or kitchen needs, see a range of samples and colour choices and be provided with friendly advice and service.

Give us a call for your new worktops and kitchens and we would be more than happy to help.

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