Terms and Conditions

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Marble & Quartz

Terms and Conditions

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Granite is a natural material with variations occurring between slabs adding to the characteristics and beauty of the stone therefore any differences should not be seen as a fault in the product as no two slabs will be identical. We are happy to send samples of Quartz to clients but please be advised that there may be slight variations in colour due to the manufacturing process. We advise customers to view the slabs prior to the installation of the worktop.

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All quotes are provided to you on the information, plan or measurements that you have supplied. If upon template dimensions/ measurements are not according to the original plan we reserve the right to amend the quote accordingly.

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All of our orders that are accepted and timescales given are conditionally upon our being able to secure the necessary materials. If for any circumstances that are beyond our control (for example: accidents, delays, delayed delivery slots etc) we cannot accept any liabilty from any loss incurred due to delay on the delivery date of our product. We will ensure we keep you informed at all times. Please ensure you are at the property to receive the goods/installation as additional costs may be incurred due to return journeys.

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All deposits are non refundable.  The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014 clearly states “the supply of goods that are made to the consumer’s specifications or are clearly personalised;” and should be excluded from the Regulations. Buyers have the right to a full refund or exchange within 14 days from the sale date only if the product was not from a bespoke nature and is a product held in stock by Marble & Quartz Ltd. As our company only offers bespoke services, once the client has placed an order it cannot be cancelled as the product has been custom made to your specifications. In the event of cancellation all deposits are non-refundable. If there are any delays in payment this will incur an additional fee and your details will be forwarded to a debt collection agency.

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We require a deposit for a site visit and template which is deducted from the balance. The Preferable method of payment would be by bank transfer or debit card. Credit cards are acceptable but an extra charge of 3% is incurred due to bank charges for using this method of payment. Once we have received your template report we require 50% of the balance to order the material and fabricate to you bespoke kitchen size. When the worktops have been installed and the fitters have finished their work and are about to clear their tools a representative of Marble and Quartz Ltd will call you, the customer or your representative for the remainder of the balance which equates to 50% of the invoice total. IMPORTANT: The balance must be paid before the fitters leave the site. If the payment has not been received or clear funds have not reached Marble and Quartz Ltd whilst the fitters are on site, then we reserve the right to remove our products until balance is settled in full.

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A template report will be carried out prior to installation by one of our experiences fitters. On the day of templating it is imperative that the customer or the customer’s representative is present to discuss and confirm the templates and requirements for their kitchen worktops, such as if drainer grooves are required and which side drainer grooves are positioned, where the tap will be situated, the overhang on the sink cut out, height of upstands, are splashbacks required, where the joins will be between one worktop and another, any curves, the edge profile of the worktop etc. Once the templater has discussed this with the customer, the customer will then be shown a sample of the material they have chosen. The customer will then sign a template sheet which states that they agree with all the requirements discussed and the sample the templater has shown the customer. If the templater finds the units are not level or a support is required, the templater will make a note of this on the same form and it will then be the customer’s responsibility to rectify this before the installation date.

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In order to ensure your worktop is installed in a straightforward way please note the following points:
a. If any over mounted sinks or any tap has been re-connected following templating, they must be disconnected again the day prior to Installation taking place.
b.       It is advised that any tiling in areas or glass splashbacks installed around worktops must take place after installing worktop.
c.       In the event of any plasterwork, paintwork etc. being disturbed during fixing, all making good and subsequent costs are the responsibility of the client.
d.       Please be aware that Marble & Quartz Ltd do not have the skills or correct tools to undertake any electrical, gas, plastering or plumbing work whilst installing.
e.       Where any joining of materials is necessary it will not always be possible to secure an exact match between the jointing material and the granite or composite. Please note that joining lines for that reason are likely to be visible, particularly on lighter coloured quartz, granite or marble.
f.        In the interests of health and safety and insurance reasons it is vitally important our fitters are allowed to work on their own in the installation/working area until they have finished their work. No third party, customer or other tradesman should be present in the same room or area.
g.       Please note that the process of fitting any material can lead to dust and to minimise disruption we advise all areas and valuable good are cleared from the area during installation.

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All customers are advised to fully inspect the surfaces whilst the fitter is on site and sign off the job sheet once work has been completed. In the unlikely circumstance that you are not satisfied with the workmanship you must contact Marble & Quartz Ltd within 24 hours so we can rectify the issue. After our fitters leave your premises it is impossible for us to verify any subsequent claim for damage to the material or their surrounds. Any further call outs which are non-warranty related may result in additional charges.

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