Designing a Modern Kitchen

Using the latest trend of kitchen cabinetry is a great way to transform your kitchen into a modern space. Contemporary kitchen designs which are streamlined, handleless with integrated appliances, clever storage, pull outs and sleek lighting creates an organised and clutter-free space giving you the perfect kitchen to cook, dine and entertain family and friends.

Here are a few things to consider when creating a modern kitchen


Quartz worktops are perfect for the modern kitchen as composite materials come in hundreds of different colours and some even replicate the look of contemporary design features such as Compac’s Raw Concrete and Dekton’s Aldem which looks like natural wood. Plain white worktops are also extremely popular such as Silestone’s Blanco Zues Extreme which gives the kitchen a sleek, crisp finish. Then you have the ever-popular trend of worktops which resemble marble such as Statuario, Calacutta and Carrara which have the beauty and awe of natural stone but are far easier to maintain than real marble due to its non-porous properties.

Clutter Free

One key element of modern designs is to stay neat. Kitchens need to be designed so that they are easy to keep clean and clutter free. A great way to do this is to invest in clever internals and storage which allows all appliances to be hidden away. Creative storage ideas, deep drawers and handleless floor to ceiling units allow for all appliances and cook wear to be hidden out of site. It is important that you are efficient in your kitchen so think about where you will place the plates, pots and pans so cooking is easy and enjoyable- for example, keep pots and pans in deep drawers close to the hob.


Modern designs are about creating clean lines and a smooth seamless look. One way of doing this is to integrate as many of your appliances as possible such as your fridge, washing machine and dishwasher. Pop up sockets and downdraft extractors also add a futuristic look and ooze contemporary design. Glass and inductions hobs are also very popular in a modern kitchen as it provides a smooth finish and appearance. Keep the worktops clear by investing in a hot tap which means you don’t need the traditional kettle. The Quooker and Minerva 4 in 1 tap are increasingly popular hot taps kitchens. Hidden lighting under worktops and at the bottom of kitchens also adds to the modern design.


  • Choose thin worktops in 20mm or ceramic which can be 12mm this adds a sleek linear look to the kitchen.
  • Glass splashbacks or full quartz splashbacks again gives a seamless look.
  • Get creative with light and LED strip lighting this instantly gives a modern feel to the kitchen.
  • Choose thin worktops in 20mm or ceramic which can be 12mm this adds a sleek linear look to the kitchen.
  • Go handleless- this instantly gives a smooth look and creates the illusion of a larger kitchen.

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