Cambria Quartz Worktops



Having a natural stone like granite is always appealing in a kitchen. The colours and patterns are beautiful and really do add the ‘wow’ factor in your kitchen. The one concern for many clients is that granite, especially the lighter colours, do require sealing and maintenance in a high traffic workspace. This is why Cambria is the perfect alternative to granite. Cambria not only has the natural colour and beauty but also is extremely durable and non-porous making it the perfect choice for your kitchen and bathroom surfaces.


Cambria comes in an array of beautiful colours. Many of the colours and designs have the natural appearance and feel of granite and marble but benefit from the hard wearing, durability of quartz. Cambria is a non-porous stone which means it will not absorb any liquid or food, unlike granite and marble. These qualities make it completely anti-bacterial. On top of that, it is maintenance free and doesn’t require any sealing just a quick wipe down with some warm soapy water and a soft cloth.


Have a browse through the various range of colours available from Cambria and give us a call for your new worktops on 0800 050 2442

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